Lukas Bellesini

Background information
Full name Lukas Michael Francis Bellesini
Hometown Melbourne, Australia
Occupation Dancer/Singer
Genre Pop, hip-hop
Labels Sony, Mr. 205 Inc.

Lukas Bellesini AKA Wildrok, is a 26 year-old dancer/singer. His birthday is the 6th of December, 1990.

General FactsEdit

When he was a kid, he always dreamt of being either a zoo keeper or a dancer, and he obviously accomplished the latter. He loves rock, heavy metal, and dubstep music.

He loves animals very much, and it's probable what influenced his former dream to become a zoo keeper. His favourite animal is the Gecko because it's the only lizard with "a voice". He loves them so much that he even has a tattoo of one on his arm.

He was part of a non-profit organization to help indigenous people learn about Hip-Hop and they would travel around Australia, teaching kids to dance and to rap. He started dancing when he was eleven because of the music video of BomFunk Mcs Freestyler. He loved The Breaking in the clip.

He had a severe injury to his knee once, and had to have surgery on it. He was featured on the RPA, showing his operation. He performed on crutches with his injury. He is amazing and a talented dancer with such a unique style and dance moves. His moves are inspired by his love of animals and his signature move is called the "Alien-boi."


His mother is called Teresa Bellesini, who he says, is his number one fan.

He's currently dating a girl named Kiara Reynolds.

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