Justice Crew are a dance group who won Season 3's Australia's Got Talent.


Justice Crew, a dance entertainment crew specialising in hip hop and bboying/breakdancing. Their success through dance has also enabled them to achieve success as a pop music group. All members of the crew are based in Sydney with the exception of Lukas 'Wild Rok' Bellesini. The crew achieved great success performing highly entertaining shows on Australia's Got Talent. Justice Crew also narrowly missed out on a grand final place at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas in 2009.

Justice Crew consists of crew members from a wide variety of backgrounds and hip hop dance styles. Their shows are highly energetic, entertaining and full of tricks. Justice crew aims to encourage and inspire all people to reach and fulfill their dreams and to live life to their fullest potential. They are role models for children, and have dedicated much of their time teaching free dance classes to encourage children to express themselves in a positive way.

The crew consists of some of Australia's most prominent dancers. Emmanuel (E-man) Rodriguez was a top 20 contestant on So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season 2. Wild Rok and Samson reached the same top 40 'Green Mile' stage of So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season 3. Taz is reputed as one of the freshest bboys in Australia with some of the best footwork and musicality.


Members/ Edit

  • Samson Smith
  • Len Pearce
  • Lukas 'Wild Rok' Bellesini
  • Paulie Merciadez
  • Solo Tohi
  • John Pearce
  • Anastasios Tass Repousis (FORMERLY)
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez (FORMERLY)
  • Omar Kamara (FORMERLY)

​Credits and AchievmentsEdit

Winner Australia's Got Talent 2010 13th Place, World Hip Hop Championships 2009
Song "And Then We Dance" - peaked #26, Certified Gold
Song "Friday to Sunday" - peaked #18, Certified Platinum
Song "Dance With Me" feat Flo Rida

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